Customer Relationship Management Built Through Blogging

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Customer relationship management is a challenge for every company. Even the smallest of businesses are likely to find some difficulties in communicating with each and every customer.

Have you thought about using your website not just as a marketing tool to attract new business but an aftersales resource?

How, you ask? Let us show you four key ways that a business blog is an ideal way to connect with your existing clients.

Speak To Their Needs

A blog can be used as a means of conversation with clients. Especially those far from your base of operations. These keyword rich content pieces not only help push up your search engine rank but are also an informative way to engage and build relationships with your client base.

Many websites have an FAQ but what about diving deeper in your customers questions and queries? In fact, an FAQ is a great place to start. Take every topic you have on there and produce a blog or video on that subject.

Next, poll your clients.  Get feedback from your account managers, the front of house staff and anyone who regularly engages with clients.  Find out the frustrations, questions, compliments and general vibes coming from your client base and address them.



This is also a great time saver.  Wouldn’t it be great if a client asked you a question and you could say ‘we have a video on our website about that’?.  Then send them the link.  You can do that again and again rather than reinventing the wheel. Just like an airport announcement, one piece of information can serve many people, with no extra effort.



Starting A Conversation

Good CRM isn’t just a one-way street.  You can’t just broadcast, you have to receive. A good way to get your clients to engage with you is to ask a question of your readers at the end of the post.  Offering your customers the chance to comment or join your conversation.

Giving them the opportunity to ask questions or providing feedback on the content of your article is great.  You can gain valuable insight into their business, opinions and needs. But don’t stop there.

It is down to you to respond to these comments. Keep the conversation going. You can not only build rapport, but you can even find out what they might be looking for and expect from you. This feeds back into finding out their needs and gives you more topics to explore.

 customer relationship management a conversation with your clients

Show Some Personality

You can make sure that you appeal to your customers by showing them an insight into the personality of your company. This simple and subtle marketing tool can really help put you ahead of your competition and has been proven to increase your potential sales.

Great personality boosting blog ideas include:

  • Behind the scenes of your business
  • Team building events
  • Involvement with Charities
  • Industry events

All of these things can show that you are more than just a service or product.  You are people.

Showing the human side of any corporation encourages potential customers. It lets them see if you are the kind of people they want to work with. A bit like free trials or virtual tours, giving the world a window into how you think & what you find important lets people get a sense of what they might be in for.

Your existing customers get to feel like part of the family. Especially if you include them. They may well welcome the PR too. But always get permission to use photos’ of your clients in social media posts, or to reference the business name in any blog.

Show Off Your Expertise

Whilst you can use blogs to communicate with your clients, informative articles also give you a chance to show off. Write blogs about industry trends and predictions about the future of your clients requirements. I’ve already said you can give detailed explanations of solutions to existing problems.  Is it giving knowledge away for free? Yes. Do people really pay for information anymore? Nope. But they might pay you to execute the solution once they know you understand the problem.

Your current clients should have faith in you already but having a blog full of insightful and helpful articles can cement your relationship.

Company blogs can create a real feeling of trust in you, your business and what you can offer. It is likely to bring new business to you over your competitors. After all, people will want to buy from someone that they can be sure knows what they are talking about.


Blogging is an effective way to make a connection with your customers and help manage those relationships. If you want help setting up a blog or helping it grow then contact us.

Do you use your content for customer relationship management? Do you have any other great suggestions on connecting with your clients through your website?

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