Most Expensive Keywords In Paid Search

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive keywords in paid search are?  Well, SEMRush & WebpageFX (awesome people) produced this mind-blowing infographic looking at just that.  SEMrush collected the data and WebpageFX created the visuals and the results are staggering.

It is mammoth so here are my headlines:

  1. These are CPC or PPC (Cost Per Click or Price Per Click) prices for Search Phrases
  2. This focuses on North American search Metrics – I’ll look around for the UK equivalent for you
  3. The highest individual price is still (since 2011) a Legal search term at $670.44 PER CLICK!
  4. The greatest concentration of pricey phrases is still in the Legal sector.
  5. The US is clearly very litigious (no shock there I see) and motor accidents are big business
Google’s Top 100 Most Expensive Keywords for 2015 [Infographic] - An Infographic from SEMrush Blog

Embedded from SEMrush Blog

I’m not usually one to dabble with paid search, it’s not a priority for us here at ShadowBlogs, but this is fascinating none the less.

Besides the actual data here, it needs to be said that this Infographic is gorgeous!  A really great example of how to present complex data in a digestible way.  This is precisely why Infographics exist.  Can you imagine reading a long essay about this?  It would be too unwieldy.  I suppose you could just bung all those numbers into a table, but I don’t think it would be any clearer.  It certainly wouldn’t be as engaging.

Oh and if you are thinking of setting up an automotive accident claims firm?  I’d recommend California.  But you better have deep pockets if you intend to implement a Paid Search strategy.  Those are some expensive keywords!

What is your take?  And what would you accept as a reasonable PPC?


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